Is my air rifle legal in Belgium?

Belgium has no restrictions on airguns. You have to be 18 years old to own one, that’s it. The only thing is that it’s not allowed to have a silencer or moderator, whether it’s attached to your gun or just lying in your car. Exceptions: fixed shrouds, silencers or moderators are allowed.  It has to be non-removable so it can be considered part of the gun. A bit of Loctite on the thread so you can`t unscrew it by hand is enough.


18 years old? And what about junior shooters?

If you’re under 18, you can only shoot under supervision of a parent or guardian.
Make sure your rifle is registered to your parent or guardian, as you can’t legally own it yourself.


Can I get an official letter of invitation?

If you’re flying into Belgium, we can provide you with an official letter of invitation, which makes getting through customs a lot easier. If you need one, please ask for it in your registration email. Don’t forget to include the make, model and serial number of your rifle, your full name (as it is on your passport), and your passport number. Be aware that the invitation letter is not a permit to travel through countries that have a limit for air rifles less than 16.3 Joule (Germany has 7.5 Joule, for example).




What is the address of the venue?

La Ferme du Chateau
Rue Burlin 1
6927 Grupont, Tellin


How can I reach the organization?

Email voorzitter@h-ft-benelux.eu


What about catering?

There will be hot food and cold drinks, at reasonable prices. Vouchers can be bought for 10 euros.


Where can I park my car?

The chateau itself has parking places, located on and behind the central square, and along the driveway. There are sufficient parking places to accommodate the Open Benelux competitions. For the European Champions however, it will probably be necessary to use the overflow-parking. This parking is located at the Grupont train station, which is about 1 km from the chateau. There will be a shuttle bus between the station and the chateau. When you are at the station, the shuttle bus isn’t there, and you want to be picked up, call +31 (6) 44185238.


Is it possible to reach Grupont by public transport?

Yes. The train station of Grupont is situated on the main train line between Brussels and Luxembourg. Trains do not run very frequent, though. Those brave enough to travel by train, can use the shuttle bus for transportation to the chateau (see above).



Several bottles of compressed air will be available, and filling-adapters for most common brands of air rifles (Air Arms, Steyr, Daystate, …). If you have an unusual rifle, bring your own adapter.




Is there on-site accommodation?

The group-accommodation (the “Gîte”) at La Ferme du Chateau is reserved for the course building team. The rooms in the Chateau itself are reserved for sponsors and other special guests.  However, both the rooms in the Gîte and the rooms at the Chateau will probably not be fully booked, so there will be some rooms available to shooters. If you want to stay in either the Gîte or at the Chateau, please add this as a remark to your registration and we’ll see what we can do for you.


Hotels and B&B’s?

Plenty of other accommodation options are available close by. The Rochefort area has many hotels and B&B’s. We’re sure you can find something suitable using something like Booking.com or Tripadvisor.



For those who prefer camping, La Clusure, one of the largest camp sites in Belgium, is only 3 kms away. And they also have rental tents, mobile homes and cabins (www.parclaclusure.be).




How to register?

You can register for the event using the form on the website. If that doesn’t work with you, you can mail your details (name, country, class, email-address) to wedstrijd@h-ft-benelux.eu. Registration closes on the 1st of April 2019, or as soon as the number of 320 participants has been reached.


How to pay my entry fee?

Entry costs to the event will be 60 euros for two days. Please pay your entry fee to H-FT-Benelux (ING, Belgium, IBAN  BE43 6528 5583 2601, BIC HBKABE22), and make sure you mention HFT Euros 2019. Payments are due April 8th 2019.


As we know international money transfer from the UK seems to be a problem, oversees shooters can contact our treasurer (penningmeester@h-ft-benelux.eu) about alternative methods of payment.


Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes. Please pay before April 8th, 2019. If we haven’t received your payment by this date, you can’t join the competition!


What is the maximum number of competitors?

320 HFT shooters.


What if there are more entries than the maximum?

Those who pay first, are in.




What is the time schedule?


Zero range         15:00-17:00

Welcome party 20:00-22:00


Gates open                      8:00

Registration      9:00 – 10:30

Zero range        9:15 – 10:45

Chrono test       9:30 – 10:30

Safety brief                   11:00

Start of the match        11:15

End match               16:00

Raffle               16:30 – 17:00


Gates open                      8:00

Registration        8:30 – 9:30

Zero range           8:30 – 9:30

Chrono test          8:45 – 9:15

Safety brief                     9:45

Start of the match        10:00

End match               14:30

Presentation     15:00-15:30



Will there be a chrono-test?

Yes, there will be a special “Chrono-lane”, somewhere on the course. Testing will occur during the match. You will be disqualified if you’re rifle is over 16,3 Joule (12 foot pounds). We will let you finish the match (without score) if your rifle is a little bit overpowered. If it’s over 20 Joule, we will ask you to leave.


Which set of rules will be used?



What classes are there to shoot in?

Open, Springer, Lady and Junior.

Veterans and .22 only when there are at least 3 participants in these classes.



There will be at least 4 non-shooting marshals on the course, and several shooting marshals.


Is there an international jury?



Is there a national teams competition?
Yes. Every country can enter two national teams, one in Open class and one in Springer class.

  • Open class national teams consist of 4 to 6 shooters. The best 4 scores over 2 days count to the result of the team.
  • Springer class national teams consist of 3 to 5 shooters. The best 3 scores over 2 days count to the result of the team.

National teams can only be entered by the national representative in the WHFTO, by mailing the names of the shooters to wedstrijd@h-ft-benelux.eu.
See https://www.whfto.com/index.php/whfto/members for a list of the WHFTO members.